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There were some drugs going on. I remember singing one song for about a day and a half. The Mynah Birds cut a deal with Motown, but never released a proper album. While Young and Palmer were stuck in traffic on L.

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After making an illegal u-turn to wave the hearse down, this meeting led to the birth of Buffalo Springfield, one of the most successful folk-rock band of the s. In Neil developed epilepsy, and began to have seizures with increased frequency — often while on stage with Buffalo Springfield. Hoping to add a keyboard player to the group, Atlantic Records initially approached Steve Winwood, who was tied up with his newly formed supergroup Blind Faith. Everybody knew who you were. Everybody knew everybody.

The album cover for After The Goldrush was shot by photographer Joel Bernstein, who was only 18 at the time. Bernstein even solarized the print in order to hide the fact that it was out of focus. According to Neil, Ronstadt used to be obsessed with peanut butter. Young first spotted the land for his current home — a 1, acre ranch in La Honda, CA, called Broken Arrow Ranch after the Buffalo Springfield song — from the window of an airplane. In the s Neil travelled around in a customized Eagle tour bus, named Pocahontas, which he fitted with wooden wings on the sides and Studebaker and Hudson car roofs placed on top.

When given the news that his beloved custom rig had caught fire and burnt out, he had its remains transported back to Broken Arrow Ranch and buried in a eucalyptus grove. Neil also goes under the name Bernard Shakey, his filmmaking alter ego. The title of their only album together, Long May You Run , turned out to be somewhat overly-optimistic. After only nine live dates, the ensuing tour collapsed abruptly after a concert in Columbia, South Carolina. Eat a peach. Problem solved. In other words, Neil was sued for not being himself.

In he released an album essentially composed of feedback noise from various live shows. Neil was honored a second time when Buffalo Springfield was inducted two years later in Has two sons with cerebral palsy, which led he and his former wife, Pegi, to help found the Bridge School organization for children with severe speech and physical impairments. Alongside Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp, Neil Young also co-founded Farm Aid in , which fundraises through their own annual benefit concert, and lobbies for the benefit of struggling American farmers.

Along with working with them to get the models to produce more authentic train sounds and designing special remote controls that his sons could control without using their hands, he even helped raise the company out of bankruptcy in Neil Young has never allowed his songs to be used in commercials. Frequently outspoken for his views on politics, Neil is not a fan of the Bush family. As mutual admirers and friends, Neil Young and Bob Dylan have both mentioned each other in songs. Neil owns LincVolt, a Lincoln Continental that was converted to run entirley on alternative energy.

The project inspired his album, Fork in the Road. Neil has written over 30 songs about or mentioning the moon. The Indians knew about the moon. Its duration appears to be inversely related to vascular impedance. Alterations in the impedance characteristics of the pulmonary vascular bed and the right-sided hangout interval are responsible for many of the observed abnormalities of S 2. In a normal physiologic setting, inspiration lowers impedance in the pulmonary circuit, prolongs the hangout interval and delays pulmonic valve closure, resulting in audible splitting of A 2 and P 2.

On expiration, the reverse occurs: pulmonic valve closure is earlier, and the A 2 —P 2 interval is separated by less than 30 msec and may sound single to the ear.

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Since the pulmonary circulation has a much lower impedance than the systemic circulation, flow through the pulmonic valve takes longer than flow through the aortic valve. The inspiratory split widens mainly because of delay in the pulmonic component. Traditionally it was believed that an inspiratory drop in intrathoracic pressure favored greater venous return to the right ventricle, pooling of blood in the lungs, and decreased return to the left ventricle.

The increase in right ventricular volume prolonged right-sided ejection time and delayed P 2 ; the decrease in left ventricular volume reduced left-sided ejection time and caused A 2 to occur earlier. The delayed P 2 and early A 2 associated with inspiration, however, are best understood as an interplay between changes in the pulmonary vascular impedance and changes in systemic and pulmonary venous return.

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The net effect is that right ventricular ejection is prolonged, left ventricular ejection is shortened, and the A 2 —P 2 interval widens during inspiration. The clinical evaluation of the second heart sound has been called the "key to auscultation of the heart. Normally the aortic closure sound A 2 occurs prior to the pulmonic closure sound P 2 , and the interval between the two splitting widens on inspiration and narrows on expiration. With quiet respiration, A 2 will normally precede P 2 by 0. In younger subjects inspiratory splitting averages 0. With expiration, A 2 and P 2 may be superimposed and are rarely split as much as 0.

If the second sound is split by greater than 0. Therefore, the presence of audible splitting during expiration i. The respiratory variation of the second heart sound can be categorized as follows: 1 normal physiologic splitting; 2 persistent audible expiratory splitting, with normal respiratory variation; 3 persistent splitting without respiratory variation fixed splitting ; and 4 reversed paradoxical splitting.

Physiologic splitting is demonstrated during inspiration in normal individuals, since the splitting interval widens primarily due to the delayed P 2. During expiration, the A 2 —P 2 interval is so narrow that only a single sound is usually heard. Persistent audible expiratory splitting suggests an audible expiratory interval of at least 30 to 40 msec between the two sounds.

Persistent splitting that is audible during both respiratory phases with appropriate inspirational and expirational directional changes i. If these individuals sit, stand, or perform a Valsalva maneuver, however, the second sound often becomes single on expiration. In almost all patients with heart disease and audible expiratory splitting in the recumbent position, expiratory splitting persists when the patient is examined in the sitting or standing position. Thus, the finding of audible expiratory splitting in both the recumbent and upright positions is a very sensitive screening test for heart disease.

Right bundle branch block RBBB is the most common cause of the persistence of audible expiratory splitting on standing. Other causes of persistent expiratory splitting on standing may be due either to a delay in pulmonic valve closure or to early closure of the aortic valve. A delay in P 2 may be secondary to the following:. An early A 2 may occur in patients with decreased resistance to left ventricular outflow e.

Moderately large ventricular septal defects may also cause wide splitting of the second sound, but the aortic component is usually difficult to hear because of the loud holosystolic murmur. Expiratory splitting of S 2 may occur in patients with severe congestive heart failure. The expiratory splitting usually disappears after satisfactory therapy of the heart failure.

The high prevalence of expiratory splitting of S 2 in cardiomyopathy may be explained by a combination of low cardiac output, mitral regurgitation, pulmonary hypertension, right heart failure, and bundle branch block. Fixed splitting denotes absence of significant variation of the splitting interval with respiration, such that the separation of A 2 , and P 2 , remains unchanged during inspiration and expiration.

Atrial septal defect, with either normal or high pulmonary vascular resistance, is the classic example of fixed splitting of the second sound. The audible expiratory splitting in these patients is primarily a reflection of changes in the pulmonary vascular bed rather than selective volume overload of the right ventricle prolonging right ventricular systole. The fixed nature of the split is due to approximately equal inspiratory delay of the aortic and pulmonic components, indicating that the two ventricles share a common venous reservoir.

Respiratory splitting of the second sound immediately returns to normal following surgical repair of an atrial septal defect, although the pulmonic closure sound may remain delayed for weeks or months. Severe right heart failure can lead to a relatively fixed split. This occurs because the right ventricle fails to respond to the increased volume produced by inspiration and because the lungs are so congested that impedance to forward flow from the right ventricle barely falls during inspiration. In anomalous pulmonary venous return without atrial septal defect, fixed splitting is not usually seen despite the simultaneous inspiratory delay in aortic and pulmonic closure.

The Valsalva maneuver may be used to exaggerate the effect of respiration and obtain clearer separation of the two components of the second sound. Patients with atrial septal defects show continuous splitting during the strain phase, and upon release the interval between the components increases by less than 0.

In normal subjects, however, splitting is exaggerated during the release phase of the Valsalva maneuver. Variation of the cardiac cycle length may also be used to evaluate splitting of S 2. During the longer cardiac cycle, patients with atrial septal defect may show greater splitting as a result of increased atrial shunting and greater disparity between stroke volume of the two ventricles.

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In normal subjects, there is no tendency to widen the splitting with longer cardiac cycles. Pulmonary artery hypertension causes variable effects on splitting of the second sound. Patients with ventricular septal defect who develop pulmonary hypertension may no longer have splitting of S 2. Patients with atrial septal defect and associated pulmonary hypertension maintain a wide and fixed split of S 2.

Splitting is narrow less than 30 msec , but remains physiologic, in patients with patent ductus arteriosus who develop pulmonary hypertension. Paradoxical or reversed splitting is the result of a delay in the aortic closure sound. Therefore P 2 precedes A 2 , and splitting is maximal on expiration and minimal or absent on inspiration. Identification of the reversed order of valve closure may be possible by judging the intensity and transmission of each component of the second sound.

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Often, however, the pulmonic component is as loud as the aortic component because of pulmonary artery hypertension secondary to left ventricular failure. The paradoxical narrowing or disappearance of the split on inspiration is a necessary criterion for diagnosing reversed splitting by auscultation.

Paradoxical splitting always indicates significant underlying cardiovascular disease and is usually due to prolongation of left ventricular activation or prolonged left ventricular emptying.