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Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Web search engines have emerged as one of the dominant technologies of modern life, leaving few aspects of our everyday activities untouched. Show all. Pages Reilly, P. Pages Fry, J.

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Show next xx. Background: Based on former affordance-related publications primarily concerned with communication, community-building, collaboration, and social knowledge sharing , the common and differing n Background: There are different learning theories that are established based on ho Moreover, information technology IT plays a foundational role in supply chain management practices. Hence, this study proposes the relationship between IT integration as the compete IT integration, supply chain agility, market performance.

Background There is a distinctive difference, a notable gap, between the academic community and the business community in their views of the level of preparedness of recent info Background: This study can illustrate whether the governmental, academic libraries in the State of Kuwait have already benefited from the mobile services Additionally, we describe the demographic description of the procurement officers in Israel. Background: Procurement science is an important field that aff Almost all categories of users are involved, including students, individual faculties and departments, and a Research to understand technology addiction is important to the future of information systems development and behavioral usage understanding.

Background: Addictio Their credibility is at risk if their websites do not excel in marketing message and use of medium. Their unique brands need to be expressed through website technology and content, or they cannot compete successfully.

Background: Compares mark This study seeks to examine individual level antecedents of information re-sharing behavior including individual beliefs about the quality of information avail This research explores ways to develop a freely-available information system that would enable small businesses to identify and reduce their environmental footprint. Background: While large organizations have the resources to track emissions and other pertinent data, small businesses Based on the uses and gratifications theory UGT and informing science theory, the study developed and empirically tested a research model to explain the effects of ERP characteristics specifically, informativeness and enjoyment on ERP acceptance and use.

Background: I As the complexity of a system grows, the challenge of informing the stakeholders of that system grows correspondingly. Nowhere is that challenge more daunting than in business education, where globalization, technological innovation, and increasingly complicated regulations continuously transform the business environment facing graduates and practitioners. Informing science theory proposes that di Option as a risk management mitigation tool is broadly us Group work can provide a valuable learning experience, one that is especially relevant for those preparing to enter the information system workforce.

While much has been discussed about effective means of delivering the benefits of collaborative learning in groups, there are some problems that arise due to pragmatic environmental factors such as the part time work commitments of students.

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This stu Organizational Creativity and IT-based Support. The main aim of this paper is to provide a theoretically and empirically grounded discussion on IT-based organizational creativity support. This study attempts to answer the following questions: 1 what is the issue of organizational creativity and its IT-based support, 2 what is the demand for IT —based organizational creativity support; 3 what are the main determinants and barriers to IT-ba Organizational creativity, IT-based organizational creativity support, success factors.

Non-expert scientists are frequently involved in research requiring data acquisition over large geographic areas. We have developed a system that addresses these bar This study investigates the skill sets necessary for entry level systems analysts. Based on Chi-square tests, the results reveal that most employers prefer entry level systems analysts with an under Today organizations require better use of data and analytics to support their business decisions.

Internet power and business trend changes have provided a broad term for data analytics — Big Data. To be able to handle it and leverage a value of having access to Big Data, organizations have no other c Agile methods, Business Intelligence, efficiency, end-users needs, advanced analytics, sprint, iteration. Chan, J.


Koji Lum. The all-pervasive Internet has created serious problems, such as Internet overuse, which has triggered considerable debate over its relationship with addiction. To further explore its genetic susceptibilities and alternative explanations for Internet overuse, we proposed and evaluated four hypotheses, each based on existing knowledge of the biological bases of addiction, inattention, novelty-seeki In many cases, temporary websites may be simple, accessible solutions for knowledge management and dissemination of information.

However, such sites may become outdated as the funding ends, but yet in many cases, still publicly available through the Internet. The issue of website sustainability is a relevant topic for all organizations that have websites. Website lifecycle, knowledge management, a The study surveyed Twitter users in Kuwait. A structured online questionnaire was used to collect data, and respondents who provided complete answers participated. The most obvious and prominent examples of cultural This research aims to suggest key design characteristics that are necessary for developing usable e-commerce websites in the Arab world.

A comprehensive usability evaluation of four leading Arab e-commerce websites was conducted using the heuristic evaluation method. The results identified major and minor usability problems and major and minor good design characteristics on the selected websites. In recent years it has regularly featured as a topic in news media and has become the target of legislation around the world. Multidisciplinary privacy research has been conducted for decades, yet privacy remains a complex subject that stil In the fast changing global economic landscape, the cultivation of sustainable entrepreneurial ventures is seen as a vital mechanism that will enable businesses to introduce new innovative products to the market faster and more effectively than their competitors.

Knowledge Management & Information Management (Faculty of Information, University of Toronto)

This research paper investigated phenomena that may play a significant role when entrepreneurs implement creative ideas resulting in s Certain trends in scientific research have important relevance to bioethics theory and practice. A growing stream of literature relates to increasing transparency and inclusivity of populations stakeholders in scientific research, from high volume data collection, synthesis, and analysis to verification and ethical scrutiny.

The emergence of this stream of literature has implications for bioethi The article presents Personal Knowledge Management PKM as an overdue individualized as well as a collaborative approach for knowledge workers. Web portals have been used as information products to deliver personalized, feature-rich, and flexible information needs to Internet users. However, all portals are not equal. Most of them have relatively a small number of visitors, while a few capture the majority of surfers. This study seeks to uncover the factors that contribute the perceived quality of a general portal.

Based on 21 factors der Facebook and Twitter were selected as part of the research context because both are popular online social network systems SNSs , and few studies were found that investigated the impact that both F This paper identifies areas in the design science research DSR subfield of the information systems IS discipline where a more detailed consideration of practitioner audiences of socio-technical design artifacts could improve current IS DSR research practice and proposes an initial conceptualization of these audiences.

The consequences of not considering artifact audiences are identified throug This paper discusses applications of the measures of the risk of misinforming and the role of the warranty of misinforming in the context of the informing component of Customer Related Management CRM issues. This study consists of two parts. The four day event can be characterized as an informing system specifically designed to facilitate structured and unstructured communications between a variety of parties—e. JIFX, informing system, complexity, disaster management, ad hoc experimentation, collaboration, military.

Technology has transformed education, perhaps most evidently in course delivery options. However, compelling questions remain about how technology impacts learning.

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Adaptive learning tools are technology-based artifacts that interact with learners and vary presentation based upon that interaction. This paper compares adaptive learning with a conventional teaching approach implemented in a digital Adaptive learning, adaptive learning system, personalized learning systems, iron triangle, informing science. Information Gatekeepers — Aren't We All? These individuals have been named Information Gatekeepers. Thus far, researchers have not established a unanimous and interdisciplinary de Information environment, gatekeeper, organizational knowledge, organizational learning.

Such a scope offers appealing and viable opportunities for stakeh The purpose of this investigation is to define the central contents and issues of the impact of informing systems on the rise and development of Virtual Civilization.

Knowledge Map of Information Science

Among the findings are: Virtual Civilization has infrastructural characteristics, a wo Social Networks in which Users are not Small Circles. Understanding of social network structure and user behavior has important implications for site design, applications e. Currently, characterizations of social networks have been dominated by topological studies in which graph representations are analyzed Social network, network structure, user behaviors, node interior, conceptual representation.

This essay aims to explore in detail tensions surrounding seven common findings of the information seeking literature relating to: interpersonal communication, accessibility, le Human information behavior; health information seeking; tensions; paradoxes, dilemmas. The Dynamics and Architecture of an Informing System. The purpose of this investigation is to define the architecture of computer informing systems. The methodology is based on an interdisciplinary, big-picture view of the cognition units which provide the foundation for informing systems. Among the findings are the following: informing systems should be designed for rigor and relevance with respect to the cognitive units information , integrating Daniel A.

Peak, Victor R. The Ambiguity that Surrounds Information Strategy. Disciplinary Evolution and the Rise of the Transdiscipline.

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