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In regard of manyfold fields of application, there are no less than the number of techniques and methods for Data Mining in existence. Another field to apply Data Mining technique is the domain of simulation. Simulation is the computer-based approach of executing and experimenting of and with models. One aim of this thesis is to analyze data mining tools to see how capable they are solving data mining duties with respect to data calculated by simulation. These tools are analyzed in matters of their data mining functionalities, options to access different data sources, and their complexity of different data mining algorithms.

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Beyond the analysis of data mining tools with respect to functionality and simulation, envi-ronments for modeling a Following a handbook approach, this book bridges the gap between analytics and their use in everyday marketing, providing guidance on solving real business problems using data mining techniques. The book is organized into three parts. Part one provides a methodological roadmap, covering both the business and the technical aspects. In part two, some of the most useful data mining algorithms are explained in a simple and comprehensive way for business users with no technical expertise.

Case studies from industries including banking, retail and telecommunications are presented in detail so as to serve as templates for developing similar applications. Key Features: Includes numerous real-world case studies which are presented step by step, demystifying the usage of data mining models and clarifying all the methodological issues. Accompanied by a website featuring material from each case study, including datasets and relevant code.

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Combining data mining and business knowledge, this practical book provides all the necessary information for designing, setting up, executing and deploying data mining techniques in CRM. The book will also be useful to academics and students interested in applied data mining. Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in R Data Mining for Business Analytics: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in R presents an applied approach to data mining concepts and methods, using R software for illustration Readers will learn how to implement a variety of popular data mining algorithms in R a free and open-source software to tackle business problems and opportunities.

This is the fifth version of this successful text, and the first using R. It covers both statistical and machine learning algorithms for prediction, classification, visualization, dimension reduction, recommender systems, clustering, text mining and network analysis.

This new edition is also an excellent reference for analysts, researchers, and practitioners working with quantitative methods in the fields of business, finance, marketing, computer science, and information technology. If not the bible, it is at the least a definitive manual on the subject. She has designed and instructed data mining courses since at University of Maryland, Statistics.

Professor Shmueli is known for her research and teaching in business analytics, with a focus on statistical and data mining methods in information systems and healthcare. She has authored over 70 publications including books. Peter C. He has written multiple journal articles and is the developer of Resampling Stats software. She teaches courses in social network analysis, advanced research methods, and software quality assurance.

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Nitin R. A Fellow of the American St. Robert Trueblood, John N. Giudici Paolo Applied Data Mining for Business and Industry The increasing availability of data in our current, information overloaded society has led to the need for valid tools for its modelling and analysis. Data mining and applied statistical methods are the appropriate tools to extract knowledge from such data. This book provides an accessible introduction to data mining methods in a consistent and application oriented statistical framework, using case studies drawn from real industry projects and highlighting the use of data mining methods in a variety of business applications.

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Introduces data mining methods and applications. Covers classical and Bayesian multivariate statistical methodology as well as machine learning and computational data mining methods. Includes many recent developments such as association and sequence rules, graphical Markov models, lifetime value modelling, credit risk, operational risk and web mining.

Features detailed case studies based on applied projects within industry. Incorporates discussion of data mining software, with case studies analysed using R. Is accessible to anyone with a basic knowledge of statistics or data analysis.

Visual Data Mining Techniques and Tools for Data Visualization and Mining

Includes an extensive bibliography and pointers to further reading within the text. Applied Data Mining for Business and Industry, 2nd edition is aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students of data mining, applied statistics, database management, computer science and economics. The case studies will provide guidance to professionals working in industry on projects involving large volumes of data, such as customer relationship management, web design, risk management, marketing, economics and finance.

Walter Piegorsch W. Statistical Data Analytics. Extensive solutions using actual data with sample R programming code are provided, illustrating diverse informatic sources in genomics, biomedicine, ecological remote sensing, astronomy, socioeconomics, marketing, advertising and finance, among many others.

Ekins Sean Pharmaceutical Data Mining. Approaches and Applications for Drug Discovery Leading experts illustrate how sophisticated computational data mining techniques can impact contemporary drug discovery and development In the era of post-genomic drug development, extracting and applying knowledge from chemical, biological, and clinical data is one of the greatest challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical Data Mining brings together contributions from leading academic and industrial scientists, who address both the implementation of new data mining technologies and application issues in the industry.

This accessible, comprehensive collection discusses important theoretical and practical aspects of pharmaceutical data mining, focusing on diverse approaches for drug discovery—including chemogenomics, toxicogenomics, and individual drug response prediction. The five main sections of this volume cover: A general overview of the discipline, from its foundations to contemporary industrial applications Chemoinformatics-based applications Bioinformatics-based applications Data mining methods in clinical development Data mining algorithms, technologies, and software tools, with emphasis on advanced algorithms and software that are currently used in the industry or represent promising approaches In one concentrated reference, Pharmaceutical Data Mining reveals the role and possibilities of these sophisticated techniques in contemporary drug discovery and development.

It is ideal for graduate-level courses covering pharmaceutical science, computational chemistry, and bioinformatics. In addition, it provides insight to pharmaceutical scientists, principal investigators, principal scientists, research directors, and all scientists working in the field of drug discovery and development and associated industries.

Michael Bowles Machine Learning in Python.

Essential Techniques for Predictive Analysis Learn a simpler and more effective way to analyze data and predict outcomes with Python Machine Learning in Python shows you how to successfully analyze data using only two core machine learning algorithms, and how to apply them using Python.

By focusing on two algorithm families that effectively predict outcomes, this book is able to provide full descriptions of the mechanisms at work, and the examples that illustrate the machinery with specific, hackable code. The algorithms are explained in simple terms with no complex math and applied using Python, with guidance on algorithm selection, data preparation, and using the trained models in practice. You will learn a core set of Python programming techniques, various methods of building predictive models, and how to measure the performance of each model to ensure that the right one is used.

The chapters on penalized linear regression and ensemble methods dive deep into each of the algorithms, and you can use the sample code in the book to develop your own data analysis solutions. Machine learning algorithms are at the core of data analytics and visualization. In the past, these methods required a deep background in math and statistics, often in combination with the specialized R programming language. This book demonstrates how machine learning can be implemented using the more widely used and accessible Python programming language.

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Predict outcomes using linear and ensemble algorithm families Build predictive models that solve a range of simple and complex problems Apply core machine learning algorithms using Python Use sample code directly to build custom solutions Machine learning doesn't have to be complex and highly specialized. Python makes this technology more accessible to a much wider audience, using methods that are simpler, effective, and well tested.

Machine Learning in Python shows you how to do this, without requiring an extensive background in math or statistics. Novel Strategies This book provides a detailed and up-to-date overview on classification and data mining methods. The first part is focused on supervised classification algorithms and their applications, including recent research on the combination of classifiers. The second part deals with unsupervised data mining and knowledge discovery, with special attention to text mining.

Discovering the underlying structure on a data set has been a key research topic associated to unsupervised techniques with multiple applications and challenges, from web-content mining to the inference of cancer subtypes in genomic microarray data. Among those, the book focuses on a new application for dialog systems which can be thereby made adaptable and portable to different domains.

Clustering evaluation metrics and new approaches, such as the ensembles of clustering algorithms, are also described. Daniel Larose T. Contact seller.

Visual Data Mining: The VisMiner Approach

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