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What Egyptians called the Great Sphinx during its prime remains a riddle, because the word sphinx originates from Greek mythology some 2, years after the statue was built. Whatever the case, the statue began to fade into the desert background at the end of the Old Kingdom, at which point it was ignored for centuries.

Whether or not the dream actually occurred is unknown, but when the prince did, in fact, become Pharaoh Thutmose IV, he introduced a Sphinx-worshipping cult to his people.

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Statues, paintings, and reliefs of the figure popped up across the country and the sphinx became a symbol of royalty and the power of the sun. The Great Sphinx was eventually forgotten again. Its body suffered from erosion and its face became damaged by time as well.

More likely, the nose was purposely destroyed by a Sufi Muslim in the 15th century to protest idolatry. The Sphinx was actually buried in sand up to its shoulders until the early s, when a Genoese adventurer named Capt. Giovanni Battista Caviglia attempted and ultimately failed to dig out the statue with a team of men. Today, the Sphinx is continuing to deteriorate thanks to wind, humidity, and pollution. Restoration efforts have been ongoing since the mids, some of which failed and ultimately caused more damage to the Sphinx.

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In , authorities learned that the local water table under the statue was rising due to sewage being dumped in a nearby canal. The moisture ultimately spread through the porous limestone of the structure, causing the rock to crumble and break away in large flakes in some cases. Authorities installed pumps close to the Great Sphinx, diverting the groundwater and saving the relic from further destruction.

Sphinx-lined road unearthed in Egypt; PhysOrg.

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But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. The Egyptian pyramids are some of the most incredible man-made structures in history. More than 4, years after their construction, the pyramids still stand as some of the most important and mysterious tombs in the world. Their design remains a true testament The amazing works of art and architecture known as the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World serve as a testament to the ingenuity, imagination and sheer hard work of which human beings are capable.

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Uncovering Secrets of the Sphinx

It will be moderated before it can appear on the website. View my wishlists Create new list Add to list s. Cancel Delete. Cancel Create. It is located directly east of the 2nd Great Pyramid that of Khafre , and it faces east, staring at the equinoctial sunrise. This is primarily because the face of the Sphinx bears a very strong likeness to Pharaoh Khafre Chephren , who built the 2nd Great Pyramid. However, there are theories that the Sphinx could have been built long before that time.

Surrounding the Egyptian Sphinx is a temple complex, most likely a place of worship for either Horus the lion god, or Ra the sun god, since the Sphinx faces the sunrise.

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The Sphinx was carved out of a single rock formation, composed of various types of limestone. However, the various layers of limestone had different strengths and therefore eroded at different rates.

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The head and paws of the Sphinx contained stronger limestone and therefore escaped much wear and tear. However, the body has eroded extensively. Between the front paws of the Egyptian Sphinx rest a tablet, commonly known as the "Dream Stela". On it is a story dating back to the 18th Dynasty. The Sphinx was at that time buried up to the neck in sand. During a hunt, the prince fell asleep under the jaw of the Sphinx.