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For Gayle, sharing this motivation to stay fit, well and healthy in the long term is what she loves most. No matter what age or stage each of her clients is at, she keeps them on track with encouragement, personal planning and positive challenge to try something new for a fitter future. Motivation for a fitter future. REPs Registered. Nothing screams Member Retention with custom forms to share with your clients for them to fill out.

Their data is saved right to their profile.

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So set it and forget it! Enjoy an automated constant contact with campaigns! Without Fit Pro Tracker : With Fit Pro Tracker : You're struggling to see your leads Without Fit Pro Tracker it's difficult to know who is interested in a gym membership from you, if they have spoken to, by whom and when. You have a solid overview of all your leads Fit Pro Tracker was built by gym owners with the core purpose of providing you with a solid overview of all your leads and members.

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It's expensive to lose customers Without Fit Pro Tracker your leads fall through the cracks and change their minds as they wait for a response from you or your staff. It's profitable to keep more of your members Fit Pro Tracker helps you turn more of your leads into members while keeping more of your existing ones. It's quicker to use a single tool meant for the job Fit Pro Tracker is a full one- all platform to help you and your team talk to your customers over email, phone, and text messages.

You don't know if your staff is doing their work Without Fit Pro Tracker it's hard to know which customers are assigned to which staff, and if they are doing their job.

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Works through browser No download needed, just log into your browser. No Contracts You can cancel your software anytime. Fit Pro Newsletter With Zapier.

ClickFunnels Direct. Arrival: Saturday evening at Don't forget to bring Long yoga mat or Nirvana cork mat x 60 , exercise cloths short and thin long sleeve , snorkelling equipement, sun screen cream, sunglasses, hat or cap, your own sup optional , your own bike optional , and of course do not forget your cameras, the views around here are amazing!

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Small individual group — max 4 persons We do this wee only couple a of times a year. Program - theory and practice. Day 1: Meeting at Nearest airports.

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More info. Ivan RYA Certified skipper with 10 years of experience as a sailing instructor. Barbara The one that keeps everything up and running. Email smile freespirit. Visit Obala Sv.

Ivana 36, Jezera-Tisno, Cro. Obala Sv. Free Spirit Way Obala sv.