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And don't forget to check out the latest reviews on guns and outdoor gear on fieldandstream. Login or Sign Up. Top Ad. What is the coldest temperature you have hunted big game? Where were you and how long could you hunt? What is the coldest temperature you have seen, anywhere?

Where were you and how cold was it? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 3. Filtered by:. Previous 1 3 template Next. Tags: None. Can't take the cold like I used to.

I think about the cabin when it is in the low teens and I have been out for hours. A quick warm up and I can make the rest of the day. We lost power and our back up generator came on. The power lines contracted so much they broke themselves. My new car would not start even though I put a light by the battery. When it warmed to minus 30, we thought it was a heat wave and we took the other couple around the area on snowmobiles. Comment Post Cancel. Gary Devine. You will not believe this, but my coldest hunt ever was in January during the New Jersey winter archery season.

I was young in my early twenties and still living at home with my parents.

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My mother was worried sick that I was hunting in below zero weather. She was so happy when I came home. I was so cold, I couldn't even pull my Bear Polar Two compound bow back. All the hair on my face including my beard and mustache was frozen white like the Alaskan trapper Marty, on the Mountain Men TV show. Coldest actual temp I've experienced is something on several occasions. I remember one day in Whitefish, Montana when it was about that cold and windy; the windchill was approaching 70 below.

That's just cold. I've hunted small game in sub-zero weather a few times. It's not so bad if you can keep moving, the hard part is keeping your trigger finger ready and warm. Stand hunting in that kind of weather would be brutal. Since there wasn't enough cover to build a blind, we simply lay down on top of the snow and pulled the white sheets up to our noses.

In just a few minutes, ducks started coming back in ones, twos, and threes, and we shot limits of mallards and black ducks in about an hour. We had worked up quite a sweat walking across the island in our heavy clothes, and we got chilled to the bone lying in the snow. I'll never forget the sight of Don's beard covered with frost from the condensation in his breath freezing.

He looked just like Dr. Along with Phil, he's one of my dearest friends and best hunting partners, and that's a memory I will always cherish.

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Growing up in Minnesota, I have a lot of experience with cold weather, but one particular duck hunt has stuck with me. The hunt took place back in the early s. I was living in Minneapolis with my brother, Chris, who was in college at the time. The temperature was in the mid-teens, and the wind was blowing out of the northwest at more than 30 miles an hour—a perfect flight day for ducks. When we reached the large pothole that we intended to hunt, we heard waves lashing on the surface over the roar of the wind.

By shooting time, several of our decoys had tipped over, already weighed down by ice forming on them as the waves wet their surface. We didn't have neoprene, fleece, or Gore-Tex back then, and our clothing was simply no match for the weather that day. Nothing flew until about eight o'clock, and by then we were so stiff with cold, we could barely shoot. By , our situation had become critical.

The COLDEST Hunt Of My Life!!

Chris could not feel any of his fingers, and their numbness was starting to cause him real discomfort. I knew one of my feet was frostbitten, or close to it. I could tell my ears were frozen too. We decided that to stay any longer was foolhardy. Struggling against the wind and waves, we had to cut the strings of our ice-covered decoys to get them in.

The Coldest Hunt: Nunivak Island Muskox

The boat was sitting low in the water, the weight of the ice pulling it down. When we reached the shore, Chris jumped out of the boat and ran to the truck.

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Minutes later, I piled into the cab and pressed my bare hands onto the warm dashboard. Chris had been there long enough that his frozen hands had started to slowly come to life, and the pain of the thawing process was excruciating for him. My ears burned, but I knew this was nothing like the savage pain Chris was feeling as his numb hands, every nerve coming to life at once, slowly warmed from the inside out. Chris cried out and cursed, and I saw tears roll down his cheeks.

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I got out of the truck, and as a blast of wind slammed the door closed, it drowned out his cries. We still talk about that hunt to this day. I've been extremely cautious about hunting in bitter cold weather ever since. I'll never forget my first hunt with Arnold Krueger, whom I have hunted with now for more than 40 years. The hunt took place back in the early s when I was living in Owatonna, Minnesota.

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It was late November, and for me duck season was over. All the places that I normally hunted were frozen, and I had already put away most of my hunting stuff. On a Friday evening, I went into a liquor store for some supplies, and I bumped into Arnold. Read the Signs Deer behavior changes dramatically from early fall to winter, so the intel you gathered in October may not be very valuable in January. Deer are creatures of habit and, with the exception of the fall breeding season, have specific home ranges where they spend most of their lives. When the first snow falls, or after a winter rain, spend some time in the woods reevaluating deer sign.

Essentially, the buck you are hunting is January is a different animal than the one you were chasing in November. Ditch the Stand Many whitetail hunters follow familiar routines, hunting the same stand year-round in the hopes that a deer will eventually pass by. Winter is an ideal time to apply a different method—still-hunting. Move slowly, glass bedding areas thoroughly, and use available cover as concealment. Winter snows are also beneficial to hunters since they make it easier to spot deer.

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