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Each formula has a single goal to move the Blood and Qi.

In general, royal jelly, papaya and black soybeans can be helpful for rheumatoid arthritis. As a complement to herbal techniques, TCM often employs acupuncture to treat the symptoms of arthritis pain. Needles are placed at key points along the meridians to move Blood and Qi. Meridians are invisible lines corresponding to the flow of energy or chi in the body and are connected to specific organs and systems. It usually takes a number of weeks for acupuncture to produce prolonged relief from arthritis. Many patients say they feel better after even the first treatment. These include Tai Qi Quan and the Eight Brocade exercises, which provide the gentle motions and stretching needed to remove obstructions and help alleviate pain.

The study analyzed seven eligible randomized controlled trials that used Tai Chi to treat patients with musculoskeletal pain. Received Feb 24; Accepted Dec 4.

Acupuncture and Arthritis

This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background Traditional Chinese medicine TCM has been accepted as a complementary therapy for knee osteoarthritis.

Objective To summarize the characteristics and critically evaluate the quality of methodology, as well as the evidence of systematic reviews SRs on TCM for knee osteoarthritis. Methods Five electronic databases were searched from inception to April Results Ten SRs were included. Conclusions TCM generally appears to be effective for knee osteoarthritis treatment.

Introduction Knee osteoarthritis OA is a common joint disease worldwide and is the leading cause of pain and disability in the elderly. Interventions All types of interventions pertaining to TCM were considered, and interventions can include but not be limited to the following: acupuncture, electroacupuncture, Chinese herbal treatment, moxibustion, Tai Chi, Qigong, Chinese herbal bath, and massage. Comparisons The control interventions included non-treatment, sham treatment, placebo treatment, and routine treatments e. Outcomes In accordance with the Osteoarthritis Research Society International OARSI Clinical Trials Recommendations [ 17 ], we categorized the outcomes into seven types: binary benefit outcomes, patient-reported outcomes, objective outcomes, structural outcomes, biochemical biomarkers, adverse effects, and economic evaluations.

Selection of SRs Initially, the titles and abstracts of the identified articles were reviewed. Data analysis The narrative summary of the characteristics of the included SRs is displayed in tables. Results Selection of studies Initially, a total of potentially relevant articles were identified in the literature search.

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Study ID Included Trials and Participants n Interventions Quality of original trials Quality assessment tool Main Results Treatment group Control group Hou, [ 14 ] 18 Acupuncture; Chinese medicine; qigong Education; sham acupuncture; placebo; physiotherapy; exercise and advice; drug therapy; no treatment High quality 10, moderate quality 6, low quality 2 Cochrane Back Review Group criteria Acupuncture is a promising intervention for curing pain, and qigong with motion is an effective method for treating physical function descriptive summary.

Cao, [ 24 ] 14 Acupuncture Sham acupuncture; usual care; waiting list High quality 11, low quality 3 Cochrane Back Review Group criteria 1 Compared with sham acupuncture, acupuncture was better at relieving pain SMD Manheimer, [ 25 ] 11 Acupuncture Sham acupuncture; waiting list; physician visits with consultation and prescription for diclofenac Score: 4—10 Cochrane Back Review Group criteria 1 Compared with the waiting list, acupuncture improved pain SMD Yamashita, [ 26 ] 7 Acupuncture Sham acupuncture; no treatment Not reported Many adverse reactions to acupuncture treatment reported in RCTs, at least for the knee OA, are non-specific, and that not all reported events should be attributed to the mechanism of action of acupuncture.

Li, [ 27 ] 4 Moxibustion Sham moxibustion; usual care; drug therapy Low or moderate quality Cochrane risk of bias 1 In terms of quality of life QOL , moxibustion only had effects in body pain BP compared with those in the control group WMD4. No significant differences were found in Lysholm scores MD 5. Ye, [ 32 ] 6 Tai Chi Education; usual care; no treatment Moderate Physiotherapy Evidence Database PEDro scale Tai Chi was an effective way of relieving pain and improving physical function descriptive summary.

Appraisal criteria Hou, [ 14 ] Cao, [ 24 ] Manheimer, [ 25 ] Yamashita, [ 26 ] Li, [ 27 ] Song, [ 28 ] Zhang, [ 29 ] Zhu, [ 30 ] Chen, [ 31 ] Ye, [ 32 ] 1. Was there duplicate study selection and data extraction? Was a comprehensive literature search performed? Was the status of publication i. Was a list of studies included and excluded provided? Were the characteristics of the included studies provided?

Complementary treatments and therapies — Arthritis Australia

Was the scientific quality of the included studies assessed and documented? Was the scientific quality of the included studies used appropriately in formulating conclusion? Were the methods used to combine the findings of studies appropriately? Was the likelihood of publication bias assessed? Was the conflict of interest stated? Notes: Y: Yes; N: No. Fig 2. Fig 3. Conclusions In summary, published SRs described the potential benefits of TCM for patients with knee OA as follows: pain relief, functional improvement, and presence of few adverse events.

DOC Click here for additional data file. Data Availability All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. References 1. Estimates of the prevalence of arthritis and other rheumatic conditions in the United States: Part II. Arthritis Rheum. Prevalence of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases and their impact on health-related quality of life, physical function and mental health in Portugal: results from EpiReumaPt—a national health survey.

RMD Open. Arthritis Rheumatol. Prevalence and associated factors of knee osteoarthritis in a rural Chinese adult population: an epidemiological survey. BMC Public Health.

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East Asian Arch Psychiatry. Sharma L.

  • Summary of Dr. Meng’s Presentation at the Early RA Support and Education Workshop on May 16, 2012.
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Studies haven’t confirmed acupuncture helps arthritis, but it still may be worth trying.

Clin Rehabil. Group and home-based tai chi in elderly subjects with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial. Severe knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial of acupuncture, physiotherapy supervised exercise and standard management for patients awaiting knee replacement. Rheumatology Oxford. Efficacy and safety of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in Asian patients with knee osteoarthritis: summary of a randomized, placebo-controlled study. Int J Clin Rheumtol. OARSI guidelines for the non-surgical management of knee osteoarthritis.

Traditional Chinese medicine in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. J Tradit Complement Med.

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Evidence-based medicine: principles for applying the Users' Guides to patient care. Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group. Reporting and methodological quality of systematic reviews and Meta-analyses in nursing field in China. Chin J Evid-Based Med.