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That is just the beginning of what so many young dancers sacrifice for their art. Most young dancers are forced into homeschooling, some because of the intense hours they spend in the dance studio each day and some because of the bullying they experience at their traditional school and other. Because for boys, ballet is not normal: the stereotypical dancer is a girl, or an effeminate gay man. This problem goes beyond ballet: we encourage perceived strength over all kinds of artistry and often force boys to play organized sports while diminishing the role of the arts in schools.


As a society, we are failing not just ballet danseurs, but boys who want to be violinists or actors or sculptors. Many of the boys and men I interviewed accepted the bullying and abuse, giving those who torment them the benefit of the doubt. They chalked it up to ignorance or to cultural background. Some almost blamed themselves for the bullying they endured.

In order for any of the boys I interviewed to be successful in their pursuit of ballet, they needed a very strong sense of self.

It was their defense mechanism: they, unlike the vast majority of boys, simply did not care if they did not fit in. They were going to be who they were, no matter what their peers — or their parents — thought of them. The boys who choose ballet really know what they love and want to do for the rest of their lives, and they have to fight to get it. It is inspiring to witness.

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Teenage boy stretching at ballet barre, close-up of foot. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Follow Us. Contact Us Email sgormley nuartsproductions. Spook factor: Some of us find the dream ballet sequences of s and s musicals that inspired this scene fairly spooky in themselves, but this one is actually designed to be so, with the over-sized heads on the demons adding to their menace as they throw Dawn about between them.

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Not suitable for little girls: Those demon heads are not for the faint-hearted. Ballet: Actually none, this episode is about tap and hip-hop. But two of the girls are wearing tutus anyway. Spook factor: Frankly, I find Angelina Ballerina supremely creepy on any occasion. A mouse in a pink tutu, doing ballet in CGI with a healthy dose of the uncanny valley is not our idea of relaxing television.

But the mysterious knocking sound is reasonably creepy in its own right and actually still a bit spooky even when it is revealed to be a woodpecker.

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Not suitable for little girls: Little girls are the target audience in this case, and probably less creeped out by the whole show than we are. The set-up: Forced to go into an asylum for Daleks, Amy loses her protection against a nanogene cloud that will slowly convert her into a Dalek to serve its systems, as it has many before her. Spook factor: Amy sees a disparate group of people in a room, including a young girl in a white ballet costume, pirouetting at the back of the group.

On a hostile alien planet in an alien asylum, this is spooky enough, but it gets even spookier when the Doctor reveals that the conversion process is making Amy see things and all these people are, in fact, insane Daleks — at which point the camera reveals the room full of Daleks, with a small white one quietly spinning at the back.

An insane Dalek. In an asylum full of insane Daleks. Spook factor: The Sugarplum Fairy is a young ballet dancer in a pink tutu, first seen from behind. As Marty approaches her, she turns around and reveals a huge lamprey-type mouth in place of a face. Not suitable for little girls: None of the film is, but the Sugarplum Fairy might make them particularly reluctant to go to ballet class.

The set-up: A Major finds himself at the bottom of a mysterious and apparently inescapable metallic room with high walls, accompanied by a clown, a homeless man, a bagpiper and a ballet dancer.

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Ballet: A few ballet poses towards the beginning, though the only bit of sustained dancing is actually a Scottish jig. Spook factor: The whole set-up in the mysterious room is fairly spooky, but to create added chills, throw in a clown everybody hates a clown , the screeching sound of bagpipes warming up, and a ballet dancer. Not suitable for little girls: On the sliding scale of stories about toys coming to life and how likely they are to traumatise your children, this probably falls somewhere between Toy Story and Child's Play.

Nothing really terrible happens, it just depends whether the young girl in question is likely to be affected by the existential horror of it all. The set-up: In this surreal French drama, young girls arrive at school in a coffin and are prevented from escaping, but as soon as they hit puberty they are released out into the world of boys and clothing in colours other than white. In between, they look after animals and do a lot of ballet. Ballet: A short contemporary sequence in which the girls dance out the life cycle of a butterfly. When we eventually discover where the older girls go at night, the reveal is both less horrible and somehow spookier than we might have anticipated, as low camera angles filmed mostly from behind the dancers and looking out into the audience reveal that they are entertaining paying customers with their recital every night, in symbolic butterfly costumes.

The set-up: New student Susan arrives at a famous ballet school in Germany which turns out to be surprisingly difficult to get out of alive.

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However, we do see some generic ballet steps danced in the practice room. No real professional ballet dancer would buy second hand pointe shoes, but since these are magic shoes that call out irresistibly to the wearer and adjust to fit them perfectly, this just about works. Ballet: The music in the cold open is from Swan Lake , so presumably this is what the ballerina is rehearsing.

She appears to die on the spot, presumably from either shock-induced heart attack or severe blood loss. Not suitable for little girls: The scene in which the ballerina is discovered is pretty gruesome in an artistic and graceful way, with blood absolutely everywhere.