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Where can they be found - Mostly in backwater villages and hamlets, where no governmental eyes are thrown.

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Although they make a yearly trip in numbers to take young city blood for their rituals in autumn. What are they - Traditionalists, desperate souls, these what some would call cultists are in fact nothing but pragmatic farmers and their families, trying to survive in their own corner of the woods. They feel unfairly treated by life, as well as by some rich folk somewhere off in some city taking what is not theirs just because they can. While these people never really are cultists, and these traditions were not bred from malfeasance, the result is occult all the same, born from tradition and fuelled by hate.

How to implement - Plothooks. Parents offer a big reward to find her and bring her back. Although soon it seems more like a kidnapping than a troubled love scenario.

The ritualistic slaughter of young humanoid blood might not attract the attention of the church, but is sure does attract the wrong kind of attention. Many monsters pick up the scent of the recently deceased and come to collect their due. Harvesters have become more brazen, actively hunting sometimes, donning burlap masks and scarecrow-hats they prowl the streets at night for those inebriated souls unfortunate enough to walk alone.


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In a hamlet one might find a young man or woman in distress. Although well fed and cared for they are held in captivity for several months. When questioned they reveal to be sons or daughters from richer people up in the nearest city. PCs might come upon one of the two festivals, participating in fun games, getting drunk on farmers wine, and eating until their hearts content. A deal has been struck, homeless people and drunks disappear from the streets of this city.

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The local regent is very content about the silent contract between him and the Harvesters, they clean up his city and they leave his people alone. This is super spooky and easy to implement.

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Some very freaky content and I really like the last hook. Went for the slight macabre, thanks.

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I hope it is easy to implement, haven't run it myself yet, should be easy enough though. Why thirty cuts? Would we see variations in the cult depending on the crop they harvest? Is the goddess they worship not a commonly worshiped goddess or is this just an extreme secret order within the larger church? Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago. Anonymous More than 1 year ago To the first book. I give this 5 stars for the story, however the authors really really should invest in a better editor.

Much like the first book, errors abound: incorrect punctuation, wrong use of words, poor documentation of dialogue, etc. Get someone to proofread your writing!!! Related Searches. A Mockery of Love.

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