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How to Make a Motion at a Board of Directors Meeting

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Redneck Renegade - To the deadlight [good morning love]. Standing order provides that once a motion has been moved and seconded if necessary , the Speaker shall propose the question to the House. Once the question has been proposed by the Chair the motion is deemed to be in possession of the House and, with the exception of those motions which under standing order 78 may not be debated, open to debate.

Can the president (or chair) move a motion at a meeting?

The House must dispose of the motion in one way or another before it can proceed with any other business. It cannot be withdrawn without the leave of the House or altered, even to correct an error, except by leave of the House or by amendment. If the terms of a question or matter under discussion have not been circulated among Members, a Member, at any time, except when another Member is addressing the House, may request the Speaker to state the question or matter under discussion.

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When speaking in reply the mover may speak for 10 minutes only. However, after the question on a motion or amendment has been proposed from the Chair, the motion or amendment is in possession of the House, and cannot be withdrawn without leave of the House. In the case of a matter of special interest a Minister, without leave, may withdraw the motion at the expiration of the time allotted to the debate by previous order of the House.

The withdrawal meant that an amendment which had been moved to the motion was automatically lost.

Second That Motion - Fragments (Official Music Video)

The principal means by which a question may be superseded is by way of amendment. Once an amendment is moved and the question on the amendment proposed to the House the original question is temporarily superseded. If the amendment is negatived, the original question is again proposed to the House. In certain circumstances questions may be dropped. If the Speaker adjourns the House following a count out the order of the day or motion under discussion becomes a dropped order.

What Are Second or Successive 2255 Motions?

An order dropped in these circumstances may be revived on motion after notice or by leave [] see page regarding motions dropped. The question before the House may be deferred by the House agreeing to the adjournment of the debate and setting a time for its resumption. The automatic adjournment provisions automatically defer any question in the possession of the House. The deferred item of business is set down on the Notice Paper for the next sitting, but if a Minister requires the question for the adjournment of the House to be put immediately and the adjournment is negatived, consideration of the interrupted question is immediately resumed at the point at which it was interrupted.

Progress of motion in House

Consideration of a matter before the House at the time of interruption for Question Time is also deferred. Consideration of a question may be interrupted by a motion arising out of a matter of order, a motion to suspend standing orders, or a matter of privilege. As these matters have their own question or requirement, they must be resolved first by the House.

Such an interruption is of a temporary nature and once resolved consideration of the original question is resumed. If the question is agreed to, a Minister may move immediately a motion specifying times for the motion. The provisions for the motion for the allotment of time are the same as for a bill.

At the end of the time allotted, the Chair puts immediately any question already proposed from the Chair followed by any other question required to dispose of the urgent motion. A Member may move that a complicated question be divided. The usual procedure is that, following the suggestion of a Member, the Chair ascertains, either on the voices or by division, whether it is the wish of the House that the question be divided as suggested.