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High-temperature superconductivity

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The Secret Life of Electrons in High Temperature Superconductors

Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Summary Devoted to the preparation, characterization and evaluation of HTS electronic devices, the Handbook of High-Temperature Superconductor Electronics provides information on using high-Tc thin films and junctions to increase speed, lessen noise, lower power consumption and enhance upper frequency limits in superconductor electronics. Request an e-inspection copy.

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More details of the fabrication and characterization of ramp edge and step edge junction are given in Chapters 3 and 4. A sample specimen is positioned into an optical cryostat, whereas, by nonstop monitoring of volt—ampere characteristics, the amplitude of pulse irradiation has been increased, up to an emerged required nonlinearity. A response of said SQUIDs can be im- proved only due to quality of bulk materials and to the creation of superconductive input coils. However, there is no technological process for fabricating high-T c Josephson junctions with reproducible characteristics.

In a RSJ model, the total current through the high-T c Josephson junction can be considered as a sum of the superconducting current, normal current, and bias current 19, When the junction is incorporated in the superconducting ring Fig.

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At 77 K, in a nonshielding environ- ment there are some main sources of noise: Johnson noise generated by thermal energy in the normal resistance and low-frequency noise generated by magnetic flux instability flux creep noise and by bistable or multistable Josephson fluctu- ators in SQUID body. The fact is that the excess-noise amplitude of high-T c SQUIDs decreases in a low external magnetic field and development of high-qual- ity epitaxial film system brought a dramatic improvement in resolution.

When the Josephson junction with normal resistance R is incorporated in a high-T c superconducting ring, Johnson noise generated in R by thermal energy k B T produces a flux fluctuation spectral density in the ring inductance L: The integration gives a re- sult which also follows from the equipartition theorem for a system with one degree of freedom. The fluctuation spectrum of magnetic flux noise in any closed conducting superconducting loop is calculated in the same way.

An important practical consideration for high-T c SQUIDs applications is to estimate the magni- tude of fluctuation that will be introduced by a normal-metal enclosure surround- ing the sensor, either outside or inside the dewar. From a practical point of view, it is important to choose different parame- ters of a high-T c Josephson junction, such as the critical current I c , normal resis- tance R, capacitance C, and the geometrical inductance L of a SQUID loop.

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