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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. More importantly, can that depth of feeling ever be returned? And often, the reality is that she does deserve better than him. The insertion of a criminal breaking parole and going after Jasmine means that that Cade gets to play hero and his actions certainly go a way into convincing Jasmine that they can be good together. The biggest surprise that came however, was his sudden declaration of love that had me wondering if that happened because it was a prelude to the coming sex scene and an easy wrap-up to end of the novella.

View all 3 comments. I love the whole one party pining for the other party trope in a romance and this book is all about that trope! Again, I like this. All in all, I did enjoy this one although I found that it was wrapped up pretty quickly. I suddenly got to the end and was like wow, we got here really quickly.

It just seemed to end more suddenly than I expected based on where the story seemed to be going. Not a flaw necessarily but just an observation. I first met Cade and Jasmine in the preceding book, Just Once, Jasmine has been in love with her best friend's brother, Cade, since she was a child but Cade has been oblivious. However, since Cade rescued Jasmine from a vicious assault by a student's father he has been more aware of her as an attractive woman. But given his track record with women can he afford to date a family friend and have it all blow up in his face? When they discover that the man has been released from jail and is stalking I first met Cade and Jasmine in the preceding book, Just Once, Jasmine has been in love with her best friend's brother, Cade, since she was a child but Cade has been oblivious.

When they discover that the man has been released from jail and is stalking Jasmine, Cade offers to keep her safe and let her stay at his place, suddenly all those feels have nowhere to go. As I mentioned in my review of Arm Candy , the trouble with these series is that so often the meat of a romance is told in the preceding books so that sometimes the actual novel can feel a bit lacking.

It's ok if you have read the previous books and are eagerly awaiting this one but otherwise you can feel a bit meh. Anyhoo, rant over, I liked this much more than the last one, even though Jasmine was a bit of a doormat for just mooning over Cade for all those years. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review. Bumped for release. Jun 16, Laura rated it did not like it.

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Unfortunately, it fell short for me and I ended up not really invested in the story. I liked Cade and Jasmine, and I liked the idea of them finally getting together. But, I thought the amount of time she had been pining for him and the fact that all sorts of other people know how she feels but somehow he doesn't just didn't work.

Forever Yours - Part Two

You find out at the beginning that Jasmine has loved Cade for 20 years. And, he is clueless that she feels this way and is also dealing with the idea that he has feelings for her. I wanted more exploration of this and, as this was a novella, it was already short on words to do this I wanted to like this one, to really engage with the story, but I just didn't. I also thought the details of them being together, the would it work questions, were glossed over because now they were both in love. And, as this was a friends to lovers that also had an interracial element to it, and both of those were essentially ignored.

Which was a disappointment.

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  5. I wanted more from this title than I received. I do not recommend this title. Jun 18, April Symes rated it it was ok Shelves: action , all-bout-control , almost-tragedy , alpha-male , angst , arc , arc-review , interracial.

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    I really liked the promise of this book and the blurb sounded good. It had good potential.

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    8. Unfortunately, the book fell short for me. I kept going back and re-reading to figure out what happened. I was glad that th I really liked the promise of this book and the blurb sounded good. I was glad that they were finally together but the the amount of time she had been wanting to be with him and had been swooning over him seemed to just not been worth it in the end.

      Other things about this story did not gel correctly in the storyline. I did like the characters and how they interacted but with all the negatives, the characters themselves were not enough to bring this book up.

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      I love this author and I would be willing to read her again. I would love to love this book but just not sure in this form, it is not the one for me. My Rating: 2. Jul 05, P.

      Guardrails, Part 3: Forever Yours // Andy Stanley

      Overall this was a fast read, but a good book. Now her best friend Daphne is getting married and she knows in her mind she needs to move on from but she was also attacked not too long ago and it was Cade Rossi who put the guy away. Now Detective Rossi and Daphne are at a Bridal function when he spots the guy who attacked her and now he goes into full cop mode. This is where their story turns into a romance and Cade finally tells her how he feels for her and for how long he has had thoughts feelings.

      The story from there has some nice moments as he tries to recreate some special moments they shared when they were younger. Overall a good story a little predictable at times but I liked the fact that it was an inter-racial story line. A good book. I got this book from Netgalley. Follow us at www. Jun 25, Shelly rated it it was ok Shelves: read , arc-by-publisher-via-netgalley.

      My first by this author is actually the third book in her 'The Brooklyn Brotherhood' series. This has so much potential. Defense attorney Jasmine Shane has been in love with detective Cade Rossi since the two were teenagers. Jasmine's been part of the Rossi family since her friendship with Cade's younger sister began so she's had plenty of access to Cade.

      Unfortunately for Jasmine, Cade's never looked at her like he's looked at all the other women he's dated in the borough. Circumstances put the My first by this author is actually the third book in her 'The Brooklyn Brotherhood' series. Circumstances put these two in a restaurant at the same time. They're there with their respective 'dates'. Actually the 'dates' are more than dates; it turns our that both Jasmine and Cade are dating other people.

      Semantics but it's important. Jasmine and her date, Gardner, a fellow attorney in the DA's office are having what he thinks is a good time. They might have actually had a good time had Cade and his date not shown up and showed Jasmine what she's missing in Cade. But what I didn't understand is once Cade does show up and there's a vibe of 'the across the room attraction' that I was supposed to get but didn't.

      Jasmine's pinning for Cade, I felt bad for Gardner. Alas, Cade's not interested in Jasmine nor is he interested in continuing with the relationship that's forming with the woman he's dating. Cade has a history as the love 'em and leave 'em type. There's some hurried non-sense that happens I'm assuming it's residual from another story in the series and the forced clear as day conflict gets resolved very quickly.

      The whole thing was so cliche and unimaginative. The angst is strong with Jasmine, I never saw what she saw in Cade. Then there's Cade. I have no clue why all of a sudden he starts seeing Jasmine with stars in his eyes. This just didn't work for me but not because these didn't have any sparks which they didn't. This didn't work for me because one of my book standards is no cheating. When Jasmine and Cade decided they wanted to be together there was some physical intimacy - kissing they were both dating other people.

      I don't care if these two end up married for years with 20 kids - cheating is cheating. Happy reading folks!

      Forever Yours - Part Two (#2) by Deila Longford

      What a good trilogy loved this series apart from cindy she just irritated me but other then that all the characters i love even damen haha such a good read recommend for people to read! Feb 24, C. Great end to the series. Many ups and downs and seriously sexy. Edit: I remembered why this book annoyed me.