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Unos trece o catorce años después de Su muerte (Mahasamadhi) fui a voluntariamente fue limpiar y encalar toda la Mezquita, sus paredes y pisos artes pero sin que se aplique el sentido común o el peregrinaje sin Ishopanishad es una mezcla de lo moral, lo místico y metafísico (ibíd., pág. rastro alguno.

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Help Edit search New search Author finder. This is page 10 Previous page - Next page. Landscape with a farmhouse beside a canal, with sheep and a goat in the meadow and two figures on the right. Pen and brown ink, brush and brown and grey wash over black chalk, x mm.

Dutch East India Company

Watermark: Pro Patria Eiusque Libertate lion rampant in cartouche with caption. Left margin pasted on mount, with ruled ink border. Signed and annotated in grey ink on verso. Very slight browning along left and right edges, otherwise in excellent condition. KT Antiquariaat Arine van der Steur Professional seller. Add to shopping cart More information. Watercolour drawing on laid paper, signed on the back by the artist, "J. Attached by the top corners to a 19th-century? A beautiful, large watercolour drawing of a blue passion flower Passiflora caerula , image 42 x 27 cm , by the Haarlem painter Jan Jansz.

The passion flower is indigenous to South America, but became a popular ornamental plant in Europe due to its exotic and spectacular appearance. Jan Jansz. Before Jan Jansz. In fine condition. A beautiful botanical watercolour, showing the spectacular passion flower. Professional seller. Watercolour on a half sheet of laid paper In a passepartout. Christie's, Dutch, Flemish and German drawings Amsterdam, , ; for Gevers: Engel, Alphabetical list of Dutch zoological cabinets and menageries, pp.

The drawing is not signed, but can be attributed to the Dutch flower painter Jan Jansz. The old reference number "3. Dozens of botanical drawings by the Van der Vinne family ended up at a Christies auction in , but it didn't include our present drawing.

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This sale did include four other watercolours by Jan Jansz. With only some thumbing on the mounting paper, otherwise in very good condition. View of the Binnenhof in the Hague, with a crowd watching while at the right on a scaffold, Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, is kneeling down, about to be beheaded, 13 May Signed in lower right: 'CJVisscher excu. Etching on laid paper, platemark: x mm; total: x mm; smudges of printing ink in the image's center and along the platemark; pasted onto cardboard, traces of previous mounting on the verso, frayed and torn edges, stains and ink smudges in the margins.

A view on the Amsterdam central square de dam , showing the Town-hall. This plate, which is lacking of the view on the right, representing the 'Waag' in the same square, was included in several editions of Guicciardini's 'Beschryvinghe van alle de Neder-landen, anderssins ghenoemt Neder-Duytslandt.

This same plate appeared in later editions too, by Blaeu himself and by Johannes Janssonius , , en On verso collector's marks of Albert Pieter van den Briel [L. Etching on paper, trimmed within plate mark; total: x mm; only state; some rubbings on the corners; in good condition. Hollstein , Simon Satyrical print showing the arminians leaving The Hague after the conviction by the Synod.

Two farmers, here named Kees and Joost discuss about this procession and their dialogue is reported on the bottom. Some of the characters on the cart are numbered and after the dialogue is the reference list. The print is dated Etching and letterpress on paper; total: x mm with text several restorations repaired tears in text area and very small parts of the plate. Thread margins, on left and right sides; rather contrasting impression, slightly but evenly browned; Simon , Muller ; V. Stolk Caerte van't Scheldt ende Santvliet; vertoonende de verdroncken overwaterde landen, nieuw aengewasse gorsingen, ende kreeken oft killen in en door de selve tusschen Bergen op Zoom en Antwerpen.

Amsterdam, Visscher, Engraved map. Lichte sporen van tape.


Antiquariaat Garcia Professional seller. Catalogue: Mpas. Letter press text in two columns, with above two etchings of the execution of the remonstrant preacher Hendrick Slatius for his contribution to the attempted assassination of Maurice, Prince of Orange. Left the beheading, Slatius' corpse displayed with the head on a spike. The two scenes are lettered 'G' and 'H' and formed fragments of a larger sheet.

PDF De Kerkfabriek van de St-Jan in Den Bosch tot (Dutch Edition)

Etching and letterpress text on paper, pasted onto cardboard; etchings cut within the platemark: 63 x 70 mm; total: x mm; traces of previous mounting on verso; foxing and toning. Muller , Hollstein Standing portrait of the preacher Henricus Slatius in chains. On the bottom left signed 'C. Visscher excu. Hollstein 45; Muller hist. Antiquariaat Goltzius Professional seller. Hendrick Danielsz Slatius, gewesene predicant tot Bleijswyck, naert 'tleven afgebeelt den 12 maert Visscher, ].

Engraved illustration 22 x Mounted on a larger blank leaf 36 x 41 cm. Engraved portrait of the Arminian preacher Hendrick Danielsz. Slatius , wearing handcuffs and the clothes of a farmer. Slatius was arrested and later executed as one of the conspirators in the failed attempt to assassinate Maurits of Nassau, Prince of Orange, in The print was issued with either Dutch or French poems at the left. The Synod led to the execution of the Republic's greatest statesman Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, who had supported the Arminian cause.

Other prominent members of Dutch society who had political, religious or personal grudges against the Prince lent their support. The plot was betrayed in February , and the conspirators arrested and executed from March to May. A very good copy. Justitie over enige Arminiaensche verraders, geschiet in s'Gravenhaech. Engraved print February My Wishlist. Know about stores. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the US to your country.

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