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I was told that I have to take an assessment.

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Does anyone know what this consists of, or have any tips or advice for me? I was told it was over general studies, however I want to make the best grade possible. Hi there, I am currently interested in what you'd have to say more about Concorde's DH program.

I have recently applied, and my interview in on July 26th; however, I am very nervous about the entire process. I would like to know what your interview was like, how the clinical classes were, and whatever else you can recommend or your opinion for that matter.

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I am a RDA and also a Pharm. Tech, but I'm not sure if having two certifications will make a big difference on the program director. Anything would help! Thank you in advance!! Angie in San Antonio, Texas. I will need your email address. You can get it from Concorde, bookstore, Ebay, or Amazon. At least I was. Sorry to hear about your husband going to Iraq. Prayers are with you and your family! What branch of service is he in? My husband is in the Navy. I had all but 4 of my Gen Ed classes completed.


I'm currently taking Anatomy and Physiology at Concorde followed by my other 3 classes at the end of March. Then I will start my hygiene classes in June. If you have any other questions just let us know! Good Luck with your move back to the MidSouth. Eboni in Flower Mound, Texas. FutureDentalHygienist in Memphis, Tennessee said: Rhonda, I'm sorry to hear you did not get into the program this time around! I kept missing the Wonderlic cut off by 1 the first time and 2 the second time. All 3 helped me a lot. As for dental experience, I don't think you need it.

Although, it's helpful when you start to study Dental Anatomy and instruments. I think she did go by the point system.

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When I asked about the point system during my interview she said most people only get between points. I got I think it's all about the interview and how confident you are when talking with her about yourself and your goals. The more confident you are with your desire to be a Hygienist and the dental field itself, will help you a great deal. You many have to do some research before your interview to have some general knowledge about hygiene, if you don't have a dental background.

Also, having an Admission Rep that can express to the director you strong desire to be in the program can help, too! If you would like a copy of my book and practice tests I can make you a copy and either email it to you or we can meet somewhere for you to pick it up I live in the Arlington area. I was also given a copy of the interview questions from my Admission Rep that helped me put my thoughts together before my interview, if you want a copy of that as well. Just let me know My name is Eboni and I am trying to enroll in the hygiene program also. I was reading your info that you were giving for the program and was wondering if it was possible for you to help me out.

I am really worried about testing I have not been in school for years. I will like to know if you can also email me a copy of habit study guide and the practice test. SamyaaR in San Diego, California. Im pretty much set on going to Concorde at this point but now feel a little wary of the tests and the fact they old accept 25 students here at San Diego location. FutureDentalHygienist in Memphis, Tennessee said: The program is a 70 week about 18 months program consisting of 7 terms that are 10 weeks each.

If you have completed your general ed classes then you would not start the clinical part of the program until June. Based on my start date of Jan 12th. In my case, I will start class on Jan My class is on tue and the lab is on thur After that, I will have all clinical classes and I'm not sure but I think those classes are held M-F from or As far as working, that is up to you.

I'm not planning on working because it's going to be such a demanding program and I don't want the stress of going to school and working. The cost covers everything from your scrubs to the national board. If you have your general ed classes completed the cost of those classes and text books are deducted from the total cost.

If you are working in the dental field already and have had a recent PPD and Hep B series done this cost is also deducted from the total cost. My husband is military so I had my done at the base. I was shock Hello my name is Wendy and I was trying to see if you can email me those copies please.

Thanks my email is wendiicastillo hotmail. Upload your resume Sign in. Advanced Job Search. Forums are open to the public.

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Content is not continuously monitored. All content is user created. If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support. Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search. Concorde Career College. Can anyone email me the testing material?? Why on earth would you recommend something that is oversaturated?

Good luck to you I also have applied there but my interview is July 25!

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  6. Thank you!! Good luck to you as well!!!!! Hi Angie!! How was your interview?? Hello can you email me study material for the HESI test as well.. NTN provides access to lists of prescreened candidates ready for further processing and employment consideration. Provides listings of current City and County of San Francisco Job Openings, including available positions, pay rates, job descriptions, application procedures, job resources, and the hiring process. You 1. This is the sample video used as the prompt for the writing sample practice that is provided in the Police Officer Study Guide.

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