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Trajan 's Column in Rome provides relief sculptures showing cart-mounted carroballista bolt-firing weapons. These were an improvement on older catapults as their spring mechanisms were set wider apart giving the weapon greater firing accuracy. Vegetius states that each legion was equipped with 55 carroballista and, indeed, every legion had its own dedicated specialists in artillery who not only fired the weapons but also made, repaired and improved them.

The scorpio was a smaller version ballista operated by one man that appeared around the 1st century BCE.

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Although confusingly, some later Roman writers would use the term scorpio to refer to large single-armed catapults too. Its smaller size, metal head, and concave arms gave it greater accuracy and power so that in skilled hands it could fire metal bolts with enough force to rip through two enemy soldiers at once.

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During the 1st century CE another innovation was the cheiroballistra. Also small enough to be operated by a single shooter, the weapon was constructed almost entirely in metal, including the arms, making it more resistant to weather and accurate enough that a sight arch could be added between the two copper -encased springs.

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Stone-throwing devices came in various calibres firing stones from as small as 0. Vitruvius mentions even larger grades of stones, the heaviest being a massive kg. Besides stones there are also records of incendiary missiles being used in Roman warfare , for example, at the siege of Masada in CE. The stone-throwers took two forms - either like the arrow-firing apparatus or large one-armed catapults, known in the 4th century CE as the onager or 'Wild Ass' because of its terrific recoil but, in fact, first appearing in the 2nd century CE.

Chinese Siege Warfare: Mechanical Artillery and Siege Weapons of Antiquity, an Illustrated History

Easier to build than the more complex two-armed ballista they were also less accurate and required a crew of eight and a specially built base of brick or earth to achieve some kind of stability when the device was fired and an 80 kg stone launched from its basket. Vegetius claims ten such weapons were assigned to each legion. These more primitive weapons were indicative of the general decline in torsion artillery in the later empire and it would be many centuries until the field of battle once more saw artillery with the sophistication and accuracy that the Romans had been able to field.

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Ancient siege weapons

I've often suspected that the ancient builders, world over, made extensive use of lashed joints as they are strong, rigid, and relatively easy to master. Posted by William Gurstelle at PM. Labels: catapults trebuchets engines. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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